What's the story behind this web site?

I put this web site together for selfish reasons, frankly. I'd been out of school for almost 30 years, and yet when things would trigger a high school memory, I'd smile, sometimes laugh out loud, and begin to miss the friends who made those moments so special. I confess I lost touch decades ago. I moved away. I never went to any reunions. But I always wondered whatever happened to ...

The Internet is a wonderful thing. So much information at everyone's fingertips. And I suppose I have a bit of a detective's drive. What might concern people is just what is out there they may not know about, although I like to think I am discrete with the information I do come across, and only put up what would not be offensive or embarassing.
    A bit of advice: Do an Internet search of your name periodically to see what is out there and easily assessible by other people. It could be that the "secure page" you thought you were posting to may have been designed by a webmaster who does not know enough about security.

First goal met
Try locating a person you have not seen for almost 30 years. If that person is a woman who has married and moved away, what success will you have? However, ask someone if they know another person who asks another person if they know that person. Eventually you will get a "yes". Theoretically you will never have to go beyond six levels of asking ("Six Degrees of Separation").

Locating the handful of people I was specifically searching for took about four months of asking around. By then this web site was known about by a dozen or so people. But, I was hooked.

What happens next?
Getting in touch with people and finding out what they're up to after all these years is fascinating. So, even though the selfish purpose of setting up the site has been met, the site will continue to grow; the goal being even beyond finding everyone, but rather keeping an ongoing currentness.

You may have some questions.

Who are you?
If you were a classmate, you might remember me. The funny thing is, I remember almost all the classmates, and yet can barely recall what I had for lunch yesterday. I was on the Periscope staff, sang in the choir, helped out in school plays. I dated Wayne Harper. Otherwise, basically non-descript. I wasn't a class officer, and I'm not on the reunion committee. Nowadays I do a lot of web site stuff, so it seemed natural to not only use the Internet to find people, but to have a web site for it.

Now that you've found me, are you going to pester me? Are others going to pester me?
I sincerely hope this web site is actually doing some good for people. I would never want anyone to feel that it's an invasion of privacy. From time to time I may send emails to people to introduce the site, or to let "found" others know there have been significant changes. Email links are only put up if the person has requested it. Even so, the coding of the site is such that it makes it difficult (but not imppossible) for others to get the email to use for spamming purposes.

Where do you get your information?
Almost exclusively from the Internet. I do random or specific Internet searches; also word-of-mouth brings people to the site and information is submitted.

How often are updates?
As often as new information is sent; usually new information is posted within the same day. The site began in April, 2000, and that started a snowball roll up to April 2001, which has been the busiest updating time ever (about 3-5 new "finds" a week). I expect a level-off to begin in May 2001, in relationship to the number of people who have Internet access.

What kind of information gets put up?
Hopefully, all factual. Certainly nothing offensive. No addresses or phone numbers are posted, except in the case of a business and I have no qualms in free advertising for the sake of our classmates' benefit. Email links, web site links and other Internet-related things are listed only with the permission of the individual.

What's the difference bewtween a "Fact", a "Rumor" and "no information"?
The information within a listing is only labeled "Fact" if the information came from that person. In rare cases, this rule is bent for those who cannot speak for themselves, yet it has been determined by reliable sources to be true. A "reliable source" is a close relative, such as a parent, or a newspaper article, such as an obituary.

A "Rumor" has been submitted about someone by someone else, or the information has been publicly available. This type of information is examined for taste and relevance. For instance, certain information can be embarassing, and it won't be passed on. Certainly the announcement of someone's death will not be included unless substantial proof is supplied. It is hoped that people will not rely on the Rumor being true, yet there is a degree of publishing only that information which is probably true. So far feedback has indicated that most rumors have been true. Or were true at one time.

Those listed with "no information" have not been located, nor heard about by anyone adding to the site.

How much does all this cost?
For those listed, nothing. This has been a site I have volunteered to do, fully knowing the time and expense it will cost me. The contributions I value are those of information. Sometimes people send me things, and with me living in England, that mailing expense isn't the cheapest, and for that I am grateful for the effort and money that gesture takes.

How can I get you information?
You certainly don't have to be a Carlisle High School student from the Class of 1973 to submit information about classmates and teachers. Most people email me directly, or fill in the "Submit Information" form on this site. When the form is filled in, I do not know who is sending the information, unless an email address is included. If the email is included, I can let the sender know when the information has been posted. If the sender has not heard back (usually within a day or two), then the email submitted was wrong. Pictures can be sent via email, or grabbed off existing Internet sites. Anything that needs to be scanned can be sent directly to me, and it will be returned immediately after the scanning has been done. Please email me for my address. Some classmates have volunteered to help with scanning and taking "after" photos. Again, email me for more information.

Are you linked with the reunions? How do I get reunion information?
Although I am not on any reunion committee, I have been in touch with people who serve on the reunion committees. I will be putting up future reunion information on this site, specifically as the 2003 reunion comes up. You can even send in your current address and I'll make sure it gets to the right person.

How can I help?
Spreading the word about the site. Submitting information about people. Heck, even a simple "I think they went into the Army" has been the starting point of a successful track-down. I'm also looking for any "after" photos, or "before" photos that might be missing. People must have some fun Reunion pictures somewhere. What about Reunion memory books? If there is enough enthusiasm, there may even be a mailing out to people who have not been heard from, yet we have (possible) addresses for. If that's the case, there would be some mailing involved and I'll need some help. What about an "off year" reunion? Anyone up for that?

How do I do my own classmate site?
This site has been carefully and lovingly constructed by myself at no charge to anyone. The work has been hard and long and rewarding. I encourage anyone to make their own site, but if you want me to do yours, I decline. I would also appreciate it if you didn't take my design and claim it as yours. If you'd like some tips in locating information online, I'd be happy to offer some suggestions of things I've done.

-- Lisa (Davis) Ellis
Carlisle High School, Class of 1973